11 hours and change

Tonight we get this boy back. To say we are excited and ready to pop is a complete understatement.


Farmers Market... Pioneer Park... Beginning June 12th... Woot Freaking Woot.... And the Navajo Taco stand is no longer there so we won't have any problems like we did the last time I mentioned it...


my joy is full

I stumbled upon simple-pretty.com tonight randomly and it only took two seconds for me to find my little bit of xanadu. Seltzergoods.com has a SEVEN YEAR PEN. IT LASTS FOR SEVEN YEARS. Freaking awesome. I am totally getting one. It comes in several fun colors. I am a giant fan of pens and so when I find something fun... well I just have to share. Seven Years.


gallery framing

I love the look of gallery framing and want to have the courage to actually do it. I was searching for ideas and came across these templates available on Pottery Barn's website. You can download and print the template that also has a list of frame sizes and instructions. This is why I love Pottery Barn. Sometimes I need my hand held.... Wait like all the time.


Things I have learned recently

Organization is key
It is ok to not do everything
My husband is nicer than I am
Dicks dot com is not the website for Dicks Sporting Goods (should have never tried to wing it. Always google first)
No matter how well you plan, sometimes another plan happens
Deciding to be happy makes all the difference
Cadavers smell



This lovely lives on my stove top. Is it weird that I whisper sweet nothings to it?
The answer is no… obviously.


Holy cow it is 2010! I have totally neglected my blog but we have been having fun!
I finished Chemistry and Biology and was reminded how very much I HATE finals!!

Christmas was so fun with our families. We live with in 10 minutes of our families and so we are so lucky to get to spend holidays with both families. Talking to Eric on Christmas day was so refreshing and needed. He will be home in June and I can’t wait to play with him. Listening to him bare his testimony is Spanish was so touching.

We spent New Years in Midway and I am embarrassed to say that I was barely awake/alert when midnight hit. I missed the firework show…. Maybe this year.

Despite that, I am so thrilled for this year! I love New Year’s time. Everything seems new and exciting. As soon as Christmas is over I am ready to move on from the holidays. I made reasonable goals for this year and framed them next to my bed so I am reminded of them daily.

And the best news is that today is Andrew’s birthday!!!! I love him and our relationship. He seriously makes me laugh daily.

This is certain to be a good year!